We want to sharpen our eye for small things and recognise their traces when we look at them more closely. It doesn’t always have to be a print in the moon dust. The small traces lead us here to forgotten biographies. Sometimes our found trace also crosses that of the big story. Then the small seems more familiar to us through the big or we understand the big better through the small. So it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the small things. We want to sharpen the necessary attention to find hidden stories.

Little by little, we want to collect small stories with their interwoven traces. The major historical events should have taken place as described. However, whether the lives of the protagonists took place exactly as we describe them here cannot always be proven. But the stories are not fiction. They are always based on information from found records or books.

As with any search for clues, there are interruptions. Questions arise that need to be clarified. We take up this element of the search. Between the stories there is therefore always a small question that needs to be solved. With the solution, another door can then be opened. Which tool is used to open the door or how quickly the story is hurried through is left to you alone.

Have fun.